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Recent shows

Fans are thankful for Poi Dog at Metro.

The band gets to perform in a work of art at Millennium Park.

The debut of "Seven," Poi's latest album, at the Vic.

Poi returns to House of Blues for two sold-out shows.

Poi preps for the studio by warming up some new songs (and some old favorites) at the Metro.

Poi joined with the Chicago Sinfonietta for a special performance.
some history

Any time Poi returns to the Vic, it's a good bet you're in for a special audio/visual treat.

On Voting Day, 2004 Poi Dog Pondering joined with other local artists in a performance at the Park West that was free to all who voted in this critical election.
In March 2004, Poi Dog Pondering joined together with other members of the Chicago music community to raise money for long time Metro security chief David-James.

Frank and friends played two shows on one very special summer night in two intimate Chicago venues. Guest players included members of just about every Poi line-up all the way back to Hawaii and the set-lists showcased Poi classics from the first five studio albums.

Poi played Navy Pier for the New Year's Eve show, 2001-2002. On the bill with Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise and Chicago faves, Cheap Trick. It was quite the party.

Poi played 6 sold-out nights at the Vic in 1999. The Pounders and the band were in full-effect. This is a series of postcards from that run.

Most of the shows I've shot in recent years follow certain basic formats. I used to ad hoc it for each show. This section is an archive of older material going back to 1996, when Poi played "Pomegranate" in its entirety with the Grant Park Symphony backing them

Frank invited some old friends to join him, Leddie, and Charlette for a intimate and somewhat informal show at Martyrs.

...for news, tour dates, and more, visit www.poidogpondering.com

I saw my first Poi show in 1993, and I was hooked. 'Dillo Day at Northwestern on the lakefill. Perfect weather, perfect music. I went almost directly to Chicago Compact Disc and bought Volo Volo, and then the rest of the albums. And over the next few months I had occasion to interview Frank for a couple pieces I was working on, and shot their 4th of July Grant Park show/Lounge Ax Palm Fabric release party. Which meant I had content, so in summer 1994, I built my first Poi Web site. Later, the band would come to see it, former bassist Brent "astro" Olds would hang out in my dorm room working with me on it, and I would volunteer to become Poi's Webboy and make it official. So for five years I maintained poihq.com in my 'spare' time and took a *lot* of photos of Poi.

While I no longer maintain their site (and in fact, it has moved) I'm leaving some of the old content here, and adding sections for new shows. Keep an eye out, and enjoy!

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